Schedule during corona virus

Every monday and wednesday evening at 19:30 we will be doing 1 hour lessons: 30 minute workout and 30 minutes of stretching.  Every day will be different, we will challenge every part of your body to keep you in shape during this strange time. These lessons will be via Zoom. To sign up, email me for the login code!


Aerial Silks Temporarily cancelled due to Corona virus

This is a sport I fell in love with and later caught the "silk fever" in 2015. This class will teach you new heights and a new meaning of upper body strength! You will learn single moves, combinations, transitions, and drops in a pair of silk fabrics suspended in the air! If you are ready to fly high then this is the class for you! This lesson is available for ages 10+

                                                                                                   €5 trial lesson

Pole Fitness Temporarily cancelled due to Corona virus

In this class you will gain the muscle needed to lift and hold yourself into positions you never thought possible. Pole dancing is beautiful but it is also a great work out! If you are looking for a fitness class where you can take your body to new limits and see the results in progressive poses and muscle gain then this is the class for you! I teach all levels.  

€5 trial lesson