Life Is Beautiful

Born and raised in a small town of Kentucky, USA I’ve always believed there is more to life than your back yard and I wanted to discover it. At the age of 19, me and my dog set out on the open road. For a year and a half we traveled from east coast to west coast, north to south of the mighty America living in my car and a tent. I worked in night clubs in 6 different states; Kansas, Texas, Virginia, Kentucky, Colorado, and California; as a pole dancer/entertainer. My travels slowed down in Texas and for one year I stayed dancing there. The people I’ve met and the things I saw changed my life forever in the best of ways. I’m a curious, adventurous person and won’t take “normal” for an answer. I made a bucket list when I was young and i’m still adding&checking off things. I believe we were all given one life and should follow our dreams because once we close our eyes for the last time we won’t have another chance. Make your own happiness, take care of yourself and then lend a hand to your neighbor. I’ve found that a smile can cure the worst of days and spread happiness to the world. Start with the little things and the big things will blossom as the seasons change. Every flower and person is unique and no mind thinks the same. If we can all find positive energy and push it out and combine it with our unique creative minds..nothing is impossible.

We all have something in life we enjoy, for me it’s dancing. I’m clumsy, can’t walk a straight line, my memory was impared during a bad car wreck in 2010, and I sometimes stutter but when music is playing…I float. <3 Nothing else matters. I feel the beats move threw me and my body moves in sync to the ryhythm,  I’ve had many other hobbys but none that has made me feel as free as when i’m dancing. Since I was young I’ve wanted to be a dancer but didn’t have the founds to take lessons. In 2012 I was introducced to the pole dancing world and i’ve been hooked ever since. I’m a self taught dancer and I love every minute of it! I can teach my passion to you! I started teaching Aerial Silks in October 2015. 

My name is Jenny Lynch. I’m an inspiring pole dancer from America. I moved to The Netherlands on August 26, 2014 and i’m continuing my dream here.


“Your Life Is A Message To The World, Make Sure It’s Inspiring.”