Pole Workshops:


  • Pole Basics
  • Pole Combinations for beginners, intermediate, or advanced
  • Party Fun
  • Sensual Routine
  • Sensual Movements
  • Pole Fitness Workout

Aerial Silk Workshops

  • Silk Basics
  • Silk Combinations for Beginners
  • Silk Combinations and Drops for Intermediate
  • Party Fun

Demonstrations And Shows

If you are looking for someone to give a demonstration or show for the pole or silk I also offer this! Some events, studio openings, or class openings call for a demonstration of what will or could be taught. If this is what you are looking for, feel free to contact me with what you need! If you are having an event, convention, or a show night and need a performer then I am very excited to join! There is nothing better than to step on a stage and show in a performance what you have worked so hard and long for!